“Illmatic” Covers Reimagined With Your Favorite Internet Stars


In honor of the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, Nas recently introduced an online generator that lets fans put their own baby pictures on the cover of the album to remake the artwork. Twitter and Instagram users enjoyed going through their throwback pics to show Nas their version of the cover, but Complex, decided to throw some of our favorite internet celebrities on the cover for an even more humorous alternative. Chloe, TerRio, & Lil Meatball (the “YEET” kid) are a few of the faces that showed up on the recreated covers.




Source: Complex

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Mirror Takes Your Selfies For You & Posts Them To Twitter


Selfie: S-E-L-F-I-E, which now stands for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine” a two-way mirror that automatically takes photos of you and posts them on Twitter. This new innovation, created by iStrategyLabs, incorporates a Mac mini hidden behind the 2-way-mirror, a web cam and LED lights embedded behind the mirror.

Facial recognition software and LED lights indicate where the photo is exactly, and when it will be taken. After the “selfie” is taken, the software sticks your logo onto it and shares it to Twitter. Though the S.E.L.F.I.E. is just an experiment, you can contact iStrategyLabs if you want one for yourself.

Check it out below!

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unyforme Spring/Summer Delivery 2 Lookbook

New York-based streetwear label unyforme presents a bunch helping of releases from its Spring/Summer 2014 collection with a new lookbook. Highlighting three key elements — Jungle, Bergen and Hudson — the collection reflects the brand’s commitment to a comfortable streetwear aesthetic.





The Jungle pattern is a unique interpretation of a classic cheetah print, and is featured on a cotton poplin button down, the Jones sweatpants and a windbreaker. Hudson, the brand’s popular light camo motif, is back again and appears on both a nylon jacket and long sleeve button-down. Lastly, the Bergen mesh incorporates an athletic element into the collection and appears as a cut-and-sew top and lightweight jacket.

To pick up the collection and more from unyforme, check out the brand’s website here

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Marc Jacobs Takes To Twitter To Find Face Of New Campaign!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 7.01.29 PM

Famous designer Marc Jacobs is foregoing modeling agencies to find the face of his new campaign, and it’s taking over Twitter!

The simple criteria is to upload your selfie to Twitter or Instagram with the hasthtag #CastMeMarc in order to be in the running to be the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This is not the first time Marc has taken the social media approach with his line. The fashion house opened a Tweet Shop during London Fashion Week, which allowed members of the public able to make purchases simply by tweeting about the brand!

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Pepsi’s Clickable Ad Lets Viewers Decide The Plot

With the World Cup approaching quickly, people all over the world are anticipating football. In Pepsi’s groundbreaking new interactive video ‘Now Is What You Make It’, they also integrated the football aspect.

The video unites football and music in a “choose-your-own-adventure” video. It begins with digital beat star Stony walking through the streets of Rio creating a song. He runs into pop singer Janelle Monáe and the 2014 Pepsi MAX all-star football lineup, who all add a different take to the song.




Just like Stony gets help from the football heroes, the viewer can change the story with the click of their mouse. The cursor changes at 11 points during the two minute video, allowing opportunities for viewers to unlock additional scenes had in 30 and 60 second spots, equating a potential four more minutes of film.The video was directed by Jordan Fish and has a scope and scale that is larger than has ever been attempted in an integrated campaign, raising the interactive experience to the same level as a high-quality broadcast.

The release of the video has unleashed a new era of branded content- dynamic filmmaking with companies collaborating to create innovative audience experiences.

Source: psfk

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VANQUISH x Casio G-Shock

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.52.03 AM

VANQUISH has teamed up with Casio G-Shock to create a blacked-out version of the DW-5600E-1 watch to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The collaborative model features an all-black strap, case and bezel with bold white text. The display is a reverse LCD with white numerals set against a black background. Small co-branding on the face and caseback complete this VANQUISH collaboration. Look for the watch at VANQUISH locations starting this week on April 2.

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7 Predictions In Social Media For 2014

Warren Knight of Social Media Today made a list of 7 of his own personal predictions consisting of what might change in the social media world during the year of 2014. Below are the 7 changes he predicts. Recognize any that already happened? Agree with any of the predictions?

Check out the complete list here.

1. The Rise Of Short Lived Social Networks
2. Social TV Comes Into Play


3. Social Media Advertising
4. SoLoMo


5. Social Influence Rewarding
6. You Become Your Brand Advocate
7. Social Search Engines


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Ad-Free Video Platform Takes On YouTube With Lifestyle Content




In a bid to take on resident video hosting vets like Youtube and Vimeo, Wonder PL has launched what they’re calling the world’s first curated video platform for lifestyle content. The platform offers ad-free content across the internet and also on iOS devices, and supports professional content creators in categories such as wellness, culture, and food.

“Wonder PL was created to deliver a professional video platform for content creators that makes good business sense, while ensuring an enjoyable experience for consumers,” explains founder Sofia Fenichelli of Rockpack. “We didn’t think the two had to be mutually exclusive.”

Wonder PL has incorporated several creative features into their project, such as full HD streaming capabilities, a fully customizable and embeddable player and channel pages, data-driven programming that lets content creators target specific audiences, and options to purchase or learn more about items featured.

Source: psfk

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(Video) Selfie Timelapse Documents One Man’s Journey Across China On Foot

from on .

Facebook discovered a video that recently resurfaced of a many who self-documented his transformation and journey 2,796 miles across China.

With a much deeper look into the art of selfies, 26 year old Christoph Rehage set off on November 9, 2007 from Beijing and ended at a city near the Gobi desert called Ürümqi eleven months later, taking a total of 30,000 pictures of himself along the way and using 14,000 of them to make the viral timelapse video seen above.

When asked about why he began the journey, Rehage stated:
“I had walked from Paris to my home in Germany once in the summer of 2003 – a little walk of about 800km that took less than a month. But there was something special about that walk. I remembered being on the road, thinking: Where will I sleep? What will I eat? There were no metaphysical questions, no big worries, just pragmatic problems to solve. It felt good, and it felt meaningful.”

Source: psfk

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